Saturday, September 3, 2011


Over Labor Day weekend we went to Memphis, Tn. to watch Jordan play his home opener football game. Gavin LOVES airplanes!!! He was so excited to ride one.

They have a real tiger mascot. So cool
It was miserably hot at the game, but I love these curl's Gavin has.

#64 Big J Dawg. He played a great game.

Gavin and Aunt Linsey. She was such a proud wife. It was so cute to watch her get so excited about the game

Bill Street. We had a blast walking around, and eating amazing BBQ
We ate the best cheesecake. Yes, I even think it's better than cheesecake factory. Gavin didn't even need a fork. He just dove right in. :)
Enjoying a sucker, while we enjoyed all the crazies on Bill street

We had such a great time visiting Memphis. Linsey and Jordans apartment is so cute. Can't believe this girl is married. Once we got home, Gavin walked around yelling, "Gooooo Tigers" for days. We can't wait to go back.

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