Monday, September 19, 2011


While Corby and Katie were still here we hit up Austin, Tx. for the BYU vs. Texas game. Hailey flew in from Utah, and on Friday we made the 3 hour ride south. Mom got us a great hotel in walking distance from the stadium. It was perfect! We walked to dinner Friday night, went and checked out 6th street, and then Saturday was the game. We were decked out in blue all weekend. Most people were not a fan of out color choice. We had a blast. The game was great. Yes, BYU lost by one, but it was such a fun weekend. Thank you Mom and Dad!!!!!

These milkshakes were huge and oh so yummy!!!!
Gavin rode on Shawn's shoulders from the Hotel to the game.

Such a big helper

It was pretty hot at the first of the game, so Gavin hide out under the bleachers or under our legs.

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Gosh I love me some Hodgkisses/Millers :)