Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Linsey/Jordans Wedding

Grand kids at the Texas Party Friday night.
We stayed the night and got ready at a Hotel. We laughed until 4 in the morning. Best night I've had in a really long time. I love my sister and sister-in-laws. Girls night out was the perfect way to start the wedding weekend.
Linsey and Jordan coming out of the Dallas Temple

This was at the end of the reception. Gavin's tux was a bit big and somehow he got his shirt and tie off
The Hodgkiss Family

We worked on this candy bar for months. It was our baby, and turned out perfect!!!!
If he wasn't holding flowers he wasn't a happy camper. Don't even think about exchanging those flowers for a ring bear pillow. Trust me, it doesn't go over too well. :)
This cake was amazing. I would love to have a piece right now!!!!

My CUTE family. I love these two boys

There is NO Way we could have pulled this weekend off without KP. She is amazing
Football pic
Wow!!!! Have we really been married 8 years?!?! CRAZY

The Wedding was PERFECT in every way!!!! We had so much fun. These are just a few of the pictures. SOOOO many to choose from. I picked some of my favorites. Enjoy!!!! Ps. There are a ton more pictures on my facebook page.

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