Saturday, October 1, 2011

Grammamama's House

One of the first days they starting working on Grandmothers house. This soon will become a parking lot and playground

It's gone, it's really really gone.

Gavin playing on "Grammamama's park"

Back in December by Grandmother died. She was 98 years old. What a wonderful life she lived. Gavin loved going to see "Granmamama" as he called her. My dad was raised in that house, and I spent hours upon hours in that house too. My grandmother's house was right next to the elementary school we all attended, and only 3 blocks from our house.

I have so many fond memories of her. Everyday after school she would have a snack for us, and sometimes I would stay and play cards with her. Or we would go in her back yard and play for hours. We spent many Christmas Eve nights snuggled on her floor. She was at every Holiday, and ate at our house almost every Sunday. Yes, she was much older, and couldn't do some things, but she had story after story to tell. She lived through a lot. She loved Gavin. It made her extremely happy to see her great grandchildren.

Once she passed, the school district wanted to buy her property. It's so weird to see a parking lot and playground where I use to help weed my grandmothers rock garden. She was a wonderful woman, and raised an amazing son (my dad.) I am so grateful to her. My life has been eternally blessed being apart of his family.

Gavin loved going to "Grammamama's park." I so glad that my family can still enjoy this property. I have some many great memories and now Gavin can have them too.

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