Wednesday, February 8, 2012

On his birthday

Gavin turned 3 today. How in the world is this possible!?!? He really is so much fun. I love being his mom. He is so full of life, laughing and running constantly, and one of the funniest 3 year olds I know. Don't worry, I'm not biased or anything. :) His personality is to die for. He really is a little smarty pants, which is going to get him in some trouble over the years. Who am I kidding, this is already happening. I'm afraid he is going to be that boy that gets his work done first, and then becomes the class clown. (cough cough, just like his father, cough cough). He is about the cutest dang thing we have ever seen (there's a little Texas girl talk for you) and to be honest, we are quite obsessed. We love being his parents, love watching him grow up, and can hardly believe he is already 3 with Big Brother status in the near future.

For Gavin's birthday we partied like rock star's this year. By the time his birthday week was over we were exhausted!!! I'm a firm believer in making birthdays a big deal. Not that they have to cost a lot of money, just doing everything possible to make it special. So, this year Gavin's birthday week included donuts(with singing happy b-day), story time at the library with friends and McDonald's (singing again), family birthday party at chuck-e-cheese (cake, presents, and more singing). Yes, that was all in one day. That night he heard Gavin singing Happy Birthday to him myself as he fell asleep. Then, on Friday we had a few of his friends come with us to Jump for fun. It's a indoor bounce house place. They have everything from slides, obstacle course, and basketball, all blown up with air. Pretty much a 3 year olds HEAVEN. We ended the day with lunch, more presents, and singing once again. It was so much fun. He felt really special, and that is truly the purpose of a Birthday. :)

Good morning donuts, and Good morning hair. Blah
I'm three and still a stinker.
Going to the library

"I'm three and still make a mess with an ice cream cone." I get him a cup every chance I can.
Playing his favorite game (basketball) with his cousin Jade. Look at that follow through. He was shooting left handed. Scholarship

Family party at chuck-e-cheese. Gavin's face is priceless.
"Jaderators" (as Gavin calls her) being a big girl

Birthday presents (Don't mind the Christmas bags, we are doing our part to make this world better by recycling.)

His lizard!!!!! There is a story behind this. It involves a huge fit outside of Toys R Us, and constant questions, "where is my green lizard," until he got it for his Birthday. This child does not forget things.
Blowing out the candles with his new train set behind him
Happy Birthday Gavin Willer Miller ( that's how he says his full name right now). WE LOVE YOU!!!!! Oh, and just so you don't think we are weirdo parents, if you didn't know his middle name is really William. :)

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