Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First doctors appt

I had my first doctors appointment for baby #2 Feb 7th. I really put if off as long as I could. Everything is looking great. My official due date is Aug. 13th. My doctor said the baby has a really strong heart beat, and we even got to take a little peak of him/her. I love the first ultrasound. It makes everything seem real, and I'm overwhelmed with having another miracle to love, teach, and protect. We can hardly wait to find out what it will be. I think it's another boy. :) Time will tell

Today Feb. 21st, I took my first prego picture. I'm still in the "chubby" stage, but showing soooo much early than with Gavin. I think I looked like this around 25 weeks with Gavin, I'm 15 1/2 weeks now. I know it's pretty common to show earlier with number 2, and to be honest I'm excited. I waited such a long time to really start showing with Gavin. I started showing and 5 weeks later had him. This baby will definitely be different. 3 more weeks until we find out boy or girl!!!!


Katie Hodgkiss said...

EEEK! Im so excited for the Gender party, not cause I really care what you are having, but because it is going to be so fun to decorate for ;) I think you look so cute, even if you think you don't. I love baby bumps! =)

LIttle Bit said...

You look fantastic!! Congrats!!