Thursday, November 10, 2011

Halloween and Fall Carnival

Whats not to love about a elementary school carnival for a two year old??? Train ride, bounce slide, pony ride, and park, all for a total of 5 dollars. Sign us up!!!! He loved every minute at the carnival. Not a happy camper when it came time to go home. That's what I should really get a picture of. (black mail for later in his life)

Pony ride.... I mean HUGE horse ride.

Seriously, this kid has no fear. He would jump 3 or 4 times at the top and then bounce down the slide. Everyone around us kept asking how old he was. "Oh you know... 2 1/2 !!!!!"

Look at the air he is getting.

After a good long nap we got ready for Trunk or Treat at the church. This basically was Gavin's Halloween. On Monday, we got all dressed up again, and went around the neighbor hood Trick or Treating. POINTLESS!!!!! All Gavin wanted to do was run around, and eat the candy that was all ready in his bucket. I mean really, who needs more candy when you have a huge sucker waiting to be opened. Anyways, back to Saturday night. I loved Gavin's costume this year. His father thought it was a little girly, but this is coming from a man that only wore blue, black, and white when I first met him. Shhhhh our little secret. I just wanted/needed one more year where I chose the costume. Gavin actually loved his costume this year. Why, you ask???? It's all about the wings. With those owl wings he could FLY!!!!! I can't even count how many times Shawn threw Gavin up in the air and let him "fly". Such a great dad. We had a fun night collecting candy and passing it out too.

The first time I asked Gavin if he wanted to be an owl for Halloween his response was, "what about.......a cicada?" (the insect that make all the noise on summer nights. A lot of people call them locust.) Silly boy. That costume was obviously out of the question, so an owl he became. A mighty cute one too.
Just hangin out in his tree where he belongs. I know he looks a little distressed, but he is in the middle of saying "cheese."

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