Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gavins Bday

Gavins bday outfit.
He stuck his face in the cake

The theme was cupcakes and the #1

He loved the cake
fan decor
getting ready for the party
Our little cupcake

photofetti on all the tables (pic from birth to 10 months of gavin)

Thank you basket
Welcome to the party

On Sat. we had Gavins birthday. It was a few days early, but I had alot of family in town for Hailey's play so we decided to go ahead and have it. It was so much fun for me to plan for this. I was a little sick to be honest. I got way into it. It was a bit over the top, but it turned out perfect. Everything I planned work out and looked exactly like I wanted. I had so much fun. It had a cupcake and #1 theme. I can't thank my mom, and family, and of course Keisha for helping me pull it off. I just can't believe he is one already. Time has just flown by. He is doing some really cute things like...trying to walk, wanting to see what we are looking at on a camera or phone, turning his head to the side to look at people, starting to cuddle more, and giving lots of kisses. He loves ducks right now, and hate's veggies. His personality is really coming out, and we love it. I know in the next few months he will really be changing. Where did my baby go (sniff sniff)??? Anyways, it was a great weekend with family and friends!!! There are tons of pic. so beware.

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