Sunday, September 16, 2012

First six weeks

Here is our life over the last six weeks since Millie was born. We have had lots of visitors, tons of help(thanks mom, I owe you everything), and even a little fun. :) We had family here for over a month, and it was party city at our house most of the time. The first few weeks of Millie's life were pretty rough. We had a tiny baby that had a hard time nursing, thrush, and mastitis. Things are much better now. Thank goodness!!! Millie is now smiling, and sleeping great. Still working on nursing, but it is getting better. When she was 5 weeks old we were able to introduce a pacifier. It took a while to find one that she likes, but since then she has been so happy. For the most part I swaddle her, pop in the pacifier and she falls asleep. She loves her swing (thank you thank you thank you). It frees me up to play with Gavin or do things around the house. Gavin adores his sister, and wants to hold her all the time. I love watching him be a big brother. He is going to be such a great protector of his little sister over the years. He is acting out more towards us. We have seen some major tantrums over the last few weeks. I'm trying to focus a lot of attention on him, and keep him busy. We go to the park, and feed the ducks many times through out the week. On those days he takes great naps. :) Overall we are adjusting well to this new little one in our lives. We feel very blessed, tantrums and all, to have these two little ones in our life.

I'm so blessed to have these two people in my life. They are the most selfless people I know.
Lori, surprised us with a visit from Texas. It was so much fun having her here. She is just one of us.
One month old and weighing 5 lb. 15 oz
Gavin made a "Amelia" train. I love his imagination!!!
Just a few days after Amelia was born Darrin, Annie and the girls came to visit.
 Photo shoot of Amelia. She was just a few days old. Can't believe how much she has changed already

Steph, Lewis and the Boys always come visit during the summer. This summer they got to love on Millie too
Linsey and Hailey spent two weeks with us. I love having my sisters around.

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