Tuesday, July 31, 2012

June and July

Most of June was spent looking for houses in Idaho. We found a cute 3 bedroom 2 bath home in Nampa. We love it!!! It has a small backyard for Gavin to play in, and is .9 miles to the park. Did I mention we LOVE it. We spent the 4th of July in Pocatello with my parents, Darrin, Annie, Tommye, Brylee, and Hailey. We watched the fireworks in Idaho Falls, and then just relaxed at Darrin's house.

 Once we got back from Pocatello, we started unpacking like crazy. We had 6 days before we left to go camping. I had the house pretty much ready with decorations up, by the time we walked out the door.( I even impressed myself). Shawn's parents had their 40th wedding anniversary, and we all got together for a camping trip. We had 28 people camping. It was a blast. Yes, I was crazy enough to go camping 36 weeks pregnant, but the majority of the time I sat back with my feet up.

Just a few moments after she was born
        She was 3 weeks early. Sooo tiny
 Love this man
 Mom and Hailey were there too. Mom from Texas and Hailey from Utah
 This is by far one of my favorite pictures. Gavin loved his sister from the moment he met her. I'm so glad Hailey was there to capture this moment.Oh, and Linsey was in the labor room too, just on Skype. :)

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