Monday, March 26, 2012

Gender Reveal Party

On Saturday we had our Gender Reveal party. I had so much fun planning. Katie(my sis-in-law) and I spent weeks putting all the details together. We had a blast. On Wed morning Shawn and I went to our sono appt. and the doctor found out what we were having. The doctor then sealed the sonogram picture in a envelope, so we couldn't find out the gender until the party Saturday night. It was so hard not to peek. The best surprise was having some of my siblings come in for the party. Brent, Lori, Hailey, and Linsey all surprised me for the weekend. I was thrilled to see them. Of course I cried, and really was in shock. I'm one blessed girl, with such a supportive family. I love them. Saturday night was so much fun. We had Keisha's sister wrap a box with either blue or pink balloons. No one knew(except Marissa). All the guest came, we ate BBQ, and then opened our present to see if this new addition was a boy or girl. When It came time to open the present I was soooo excited/nervous!!!! What an amazing night!!!!