Sunday, July 3, 2011

Potty training blues

First off, Gavin is doing great with potty training. He has had a few accidents, like on the counter at the movie's when I was buying him some candy. Embarrassing is an understatement!!!!! For the most part though he runs up to me and says, "momma momma pee pee in the potty." He goes everywhere in underwear, and is becoming a pro. The "blues" refers to me. I hate it!! Yes, I'm glad to be done with diapers, but there are a few things I hate. One, all the potty talk. I can't stand talking about #1 or #2 all day long. Asking him if he has to go, making him go, or doing a potty dance when he does. Two, that for the most part he runs around the house in underwear or wants to be naked. At times layers are way too hard for a two year old to pull down to make it to the potty. I prefer my child to be dressed, but lately he looks like a ragamuffin. Oh well. In no time he will run and go all by himself and I won't even know it. (Can't wait)
At least it's still a cute booty. I just want to pitch it
After it rained one night Gavin wanted to go outside and play in the mud. (One of his favorite things to do). It worked great with potty training. I went out to get a couple of pictures of him covered in mud and he felt the need to show me around the backyard. Like it was my first time out there. First he cooked me breakfast.

"Eggs Momma"

"Momma, make-up on" I miss the days when he called make-up "oh pretty"

"Momma pow-pow" Oh, you didn't know that everything can be turned into a gun?!?!
"Hold you Momma, Hold you." Yes he means "hold me." I love that he says it wrong.

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The Rod's said...

I totally know how you're feeling! We are doing all the same thing. Oh the joys of being a mother!