Thursday, June 23, 2011

No more ear infections-Maybe???

After the medicine kicked in
After surgery He feel asleep on my shoulder. This has happen about 5 times in his life. I loved it

At home recovering...Fell asleep on the couch with a fruit snack in his mouth. This has happen all of two times in his life.

In April Gavin had surgery to have his adenoids taking out, and tubes put in. I was really nervous, and couldn't wait for the day to come and go. The day wasn't too bad. I was afraid that Gavin was going to freak out, but they have wonderful medicine for that. :) He did have a few fits after he got out of surgery, but over all did great. It was a long day, so glad it 's over. He hasn't had an ear infections since. Keeping our fingers crossed!!!!

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