Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Years

The happy family
Such a Big helper
Yes, I was there too!!!!
"Baby Jade" as Gavin always calls her
Playing cars with Uncle Corby

Sibling xmas party

Lori threw Katie a FABULOUS baby shower

All the girls at the shower
All the Hodgkiss Cousins

For New Years we headed to Utah. He planned to just hang out with my family for the week. Two hours after we got there, Katie's water broke, and we knew baby Jade would be here soon. She was a month early and we were all very surprised but I was sooooo excited that I happen to be there. It worked out perfectly for me.( heheh) We spent the week cuddling a tiny little girl. I loved having a baby in my arms again. Just not the same with a squirmy toddler. :) We enjoyed staying with Brent and Lori, and hanging out with Haily and Linsey too. We hardly slept! Darrin, Annie and the girls came down for our sibling Christmas and a surprise shower for Katie. We almost had all the siblings together for the weekend. (We missed you Kyle). I love love love being with my family. I was so sad to leave, and really wished we lived by them. We had a great time and can't wait to see them at Spring Break.

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