Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's that

What's that/this is Gavin's favorite phrase right now. He points to everything and asks "Whats that/this." Sometimes it's "that" and other times it's "this." It cracks me up. I can not believe how much he is talking. I never thought I would be having a conversation with an 18 month old, but here is how one went today.

Gavin: Where Dada?
Me:Where's Dada?
Gavin (with his hands in the air): I don't know.

I just started laughing. Where does he get this? I feel like I need to record all the words he is saying. I feel like my baby is turning into a little boy and there is nothing I can do about it. How did this happen so fast.?I feel like it was just yesterday he was born, and now we are talking about the best time to add another one to the family. Time is moving way too fast. I want it to slow down. Well in some parts anyways. Shawn can go ahead and finish law school, and we can start making money instead of borrowing it :), but other than that time can stand still. I love where we are as a little family. Although law school is hard, we see Shawn way more now than we will when he begins working. He was home with us all day everyday this summer. That will never happen again. I just can't believe all the changes that are upon us. We are both ready to be out of the "school" years, but I know we will look back at this time as some of the best memories. Shawn started school on Monday and I can't get these thoughts out of my head. I know change is good and exciting but I'm a little nervous. Gavin's personality is really starting to shine. He has started folding his arms for prayers, flapping his arms (wings) when he wants his dada to throw him in the air, leading the music with his arm, and pretending to cry with his hands over his face. He is my busy little bee!!! We are loving every minute of it (well almost every minute). I do find myself taking a couple of deep breathes when I find him on top of the table playing with the water he just spilt. I wouldn't change it for the world though. We'll keep him. Here are some of the words that he is saying. I'm a bad mom and didn't write them down in order, but at least I'm documenting it before he is talking it full sentences!

dada, mama, mom(yes he calls me "mom" sometimes), papa, nana, brylee(neice), Brooke(neice), gran-mamama (grandmother), hi, hello, who's this, whats that/this, lets go, I don't know, drink, doggier, eat, bite, keys, spoon, shoes, car, truck, ball, baby, where u going, swimming pool, bear, horse, no, yes, duck, uh-oh, Oh no, ewww, stinky, touch, light, please, weee, bye-bye, sky, park, one, two, three, why, what, meow (kitty kitty), diaper, walk, down, oh pretty, school, book, stop, bath time, mine, boo.

Well that's all I can think of for now.


Katie and Corby Hodgkiss said...

and Bucky! : ) He is getting too big!

Jeff and Michelle and Aliyah said...

What a cute little guy! And smart too! I know what you mean, I wish I could stop time and keep Aliyah just how she is. They grow up too fast! Good luck with this last year of law school!