Wednesday, July 7, 2010

First ER trip

Caught Gavin playing on the computer the next morning too

The next morning "All Better"
Heading to the ER

While I was at Zumba class on Monday night, Gavin fell into a wall in our dinning room and split his head wide open. We headed to the ER and 3 hours later we came out with 3 stitches. The worst part was holding Gavin down while the doctor stitched him up. My heart broke watching him scream bloody murder. He kept yelling "Da-Da". It was really sad. But once it was over we calmed him down, and he has been back to his happy self ever since. I'm afraid this might be the first of many for this wild man. :)


Katie and Corby Hodgkiss said...

Man, without those stiches, his cut looks so deep and wide. they really did a good job with those stiches! Miss you guys

The Rod's said...

Poor baby! I am glad he's back to his usual self. Does he try to touch those stitches? It seems like it would be so hard to keep little boys hands off of the band aid and stitches.

Heather Miller said...

Yes. It was such a pain in the butt. He wouldn't keep a band aid on, and messed with them all the time. I finally just gave up on the band aid and just put antibiotic cream on his head. The stitches are out now, but he still knows there is a scar.

Michelle said...

So sad! I'm sure that was traumatic for all involved! Glad he is doing better.