Saturday, May 29, 2010

A little bit of this and that

We have been really busy lately. Shawn's best friend Chris graduated from officer school in Lawton, Oklahoma. If was really fun to have Chris be so close to us for the last few months. We saw him almost every weekend. Shawn was in hog heaven. They haven't spent this much time together since their missions. It was fun for me to watch them tell all their stories and make future plans. We love that family. We have also been swimming alot. Gavin loves the the water. I think we will be in the water alot this summer. Works out great for me and my tan. :) Shawn finished up his second year of law school. One more left. Woohoo!!! We spent time in Texas watching my mom's daycare kids while they were in Europe. The last few weeks we have just been getting into a summer schedule at home. We love summer around here. Shawn is with us everyday all day.

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