Thursday, April 15, 2010


This is sooo late, but I figured even though I couldn't get a good picture of Gavin I still needed to document his Easter. This kid will not sit still. Every time I would put the basket next to him, he would dig in. Yea, 3 hours of church trying to get him to sit on my lap is so much fun. Anyways, enough about the busy bee. We had a great Easter. We watched conference, and were pretty lazy. I don't even think we got out of our PJ's all day. Gavin of course loved his basket that the Easter Bunny left. He has been playing with the plastic eggs ever since. It was sad for me to remember last Easter when we blessed Gavin in church. He was so tiny!!! I love the stage that he is in now, but I also miss a baby being around. He is getting so funny. Here a few cute things he is doing lately.
  • He loves to turn on/off the lights or "Yights" as he says
  • When I tell him we are going bye bye, he starts saying bye bye over and over again, and walks to the front door.
  • He loves to wrestle with a pillow. It is so funny
  • He is getting into everything, EVERYTHING
  • Once gavin is up in the morning Shawn will bring him into our room to wake me up. He puts gavin on our bed, and Gavin crawls as fast as he can saying "mama", and gives me a kiss. Now that is a great way to wake up!!!
  • He is starting to run.
  • He loves being outside
  • He won't keep his shoes on. He would rather be playing with them
  • He flirts with everyone
  • He has four teeth on top, and three on the bottom
  • He loves reading books. Over and Over
  • He laughs the hardest when Shawn throws him up in the air
  • Still not a fan of veggies.
  • He loves bath time, and never wants to get out
My list could go on and on. I love being a mom. We are having so much fun being parents. What a blessing!!! PS:I hate my camera. One of the first things I'm doing when we are out of law school, and Shawn has a job is buying a new camera. This one is not cutting it. :)

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The Rod's said...

I love it!!! He's sounds like he's growing up so fast! We miss you, and we'd love to see you guys soon!