Thursday, March 19, 2009

Time flies by

Kyle, Matt, and Alessia
Lewis and Sawyer
Uncle Corby and Tommye lovin on Gavin

Some of the cousins that came to see Gavin
Aunt Linsey

Steph, Sarah, and Tanya
Hodgkiss Clan from Utah and Idaho
Mom and Dad Miller
Annie and Tommye
Darrin and Gavin
Tommye couldn't get enough of Gavin

Uncle Kyle
Uncle Corby and Aunt Katie
This was Gavin's pallet at Corby's house
About to get on the plane, Gavin in his sling

So it's been over a month since Gavin was born. I can't believe that I have to start work in a few days. Yuck! We have had such a busy 6 weeks. We spent 6 days in Utah and Idaho (b-day present from mom and day). It was so much fun letting the rest of my family and Shawn's family meet Gavin. I learned how hard it is going to be to travel with a child or children in the future. Even with Gavin being a month old it was a bit crazy. After all the flying we were a bit tired and recovered for a few days before heading down to Texas for Shawn's spring break. It has been such a fun week. I have enjoyed laying out, working out, and sleeping in. Shawn has enjoyed playing x-box, not thinking about anything important, and planning his hike for this summer. Gavin has enjoyed sleeping, eating, and being spoiled by everyone that lives here. I also celebrated my 27th b-day. Shawn got me a GPS system for my car, and hailey and I enjoyed a massage (It was amazing, love you Hailey), but I must say the best b-day present is Gavin. He is growing so fast. He is about 7 1/2 pounds now and his little personality is really starting to show. He is starting to smile at us, and loves taking a bath. He recognizes our voices, and enjoys taking walks in his stroller. In between all our travels we spent a few weeks at home just enjoying each other. Shawn has been really busy with school so spring break was just what we needed. Although I'm not looking forward to going back to work, we have family coming for Gavin's blessing, so that will be fun. Also, it gets us closer to summer when Shawn is done with school. I love summer!!! Sorry once again I put the pictures on backwards. These are from the Utah trip. I will put pictures of spring break soon.


Candi said...

Yeah for updates!! I'm so glad I got to meet Gavin while you were here. He is truly adorable!!

Katie and Corby said...

oh the pallet was only made at Corby's house! Hm, I know how you really feel!! :) I hope you have a fun week with Lori and Brent there. Miss you